HummingbirdGently but firmly rooted in a whisp of wind that barely escapes a description as certain paradise, Sanandi is a dream so real and so powerful it inspires you to hold yourself differently in the world.

This dream, as all life-time enchantments do, began in childhood—an imagination of brothers playing with horses in the Mexican fields. Andreas and Dieter Le Noir dreamed of one day owning their own Rancho.

As Andreas tells this story, he smiles. Even in adulthood Dieter (now an accomplished integrative ayurvedic and anthroposophic doctor with a busy practice in Mexico City) never gave up their dream.

The dream was infectious, and with encouragement from his mother for "a simple, plain farm," Dieter expanded on it.

You see, our society is sick.

And Dieter had an idea— it's time to use Nature's Wisdom to heal it.

That's what the Sanandi Dream is, to heal people and teach the community.

Dieter wanted to give the children of Mexico—no, the world—the opportunity to transform the globe with methods of sustainability that are reachable for everyone. 


So in 1998, Dieter found the perfect location for the family's dream ranch.

2.5 hours Southwest of Mexico City, nestled deep in a valley of the Cerro Gordo Mountain, surrounded by a forest of pine and oak, Valle La Paz was born.

In this valley is our farm, Rancho la Paz. And on this farm, the Sanandi Products are made.


The Journey

In the years following, the valley was transformed from a typical Mexican farm to a wonderland of symbiosis, Rancho la Paz, using methods developed by the Australian permaculture scientist, researcher, and naturalist, Bill Mollison.

Dieter and his team planted oatmeal, clover, and fava beans to recover the soil’s organic components, reforested the valley with diverse species of pines and oaks from the region and created lakes to capture the natural spring water that is born in our valley to use for irrigation.

While we prepared the Earth for our farm, we started a greenhouse to experiment with medicinal plant seeds from all over the world (and indeed the native Mexican plants as well) to determine which species best adapted—and flourished to their fullest potential—to the altitude and the climate of slice of the planet.

It took about two years to find balance in the soil and alignment with the Earth. This is when we began working with the biodynamic farming techniques laid out by Dr. Rudolf Steiner.

In 2001 the first apiary was installed and we set to work creating an environment for the bees, whose pollination and honey creation are at the heart of our project and in 2002, we finally started cultivating the medicinal plants to create the biodynamic preparations in the farm.

The Valle La Paz team went ever-deeper into perfecting the biodynamic principles, bringing cows to the farm to enrich the compost and learning how to not just grow and use, but maintain the essence of the medicinal plants in the farm.

In 2004 we built our own artisanal stone and wood dehydrator in order to dry our plants and began the process of certifying our farm as USDA Organic and Biodynamic, working with IMOswiss AG (Switzerland) and Demeter-International e.V. (Germany).

Until now, our focus had been internal, but with goals of educating and giving back to the community, we reached out to local schools to offer art, health and agricultural courses. We began providing free holistic health services for the people of the community in a small dispensary, offering natural and homeopathic remedies.

In 2005 we built our onsite lab in the heart of the farm, allowing us to create our herbal remedies right at the farm that the plants are grown at.

Sanandi-LabBetween 2006 and 2009 our focus, once again, was the soil. We incorporated biological agricultural knowledge of the medical doctor Hans Peter Rusch, built our own wormery, and began to propogate medicinal mushrooms and local forest fungi in order to help the medicinal plants unfold the minerals that they need inside their root hairs.

After 12 years of laying the groundwork, Valle La Paz Foundation was formed. In 2010 we started producing enough tea to create the blends we have today, we spent the next several years perfecting our formulas and deepening our connection with the planet.

Sanandi USA was formed in 2016 to bring the product line from the Rancho La Paz Farm to you.


The goals of today are exactly the same as they have been since the conception of the farm—to teach, to create symbiosis with our planet, and to heal.

The team has grown like the farm, organically and out of deep respect for our planet. We each know the importance of finding harmony with the Earth—and we seek to share the wisdom, the essence, and health-giving properties of this dream with the world.

Sanandi helps you take your wellness into your own hands with intentional products you can trust and education you can count on.