Sanandi Monthly Webinars

Dr. Speaking about the farm in a free webinar

Each month we offer a free webinar to our community about health, wellness, biodynamic farming, and more.

Up Next:

Kiss the Ground Takeover!
December 19th

Finian Makepeace with Kiss the Ground offers us a sneak peek into their next Soil Advocacy Training in January.

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Past Episodes

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Sanandi Webinar 1

Introduction: Behind the Dream: The Sanandi Story

A real introduction along with an overview of the philosophy behind the Sanandi Farm, Rancho la Paz. Plus a tidbit from the Doc about how we can save our species.


Salutogenisis I: Health, Stress, and Coherence

Salutogenisis is a huge topic to cover and Dr. Dieter did a fantastic job bringing it to life in part one of our Salutogenisis Series.

Salutogenisis II: Soil to Soul

Take a tour of the Sanandi Farm's Wormery and learn about how we enliven our soil to maintain the best health possible.

Webinar 4

Salutogenisis III: Fertility to Flower

Focus on fertility and your flowers will bloom. In this webinar we will be continuing our journey through the life cycle of health and our planet with Dr. Dieter.

 Harvest to Handcraft

Salutogenisis IV: Harvest to Handcraft

Reap what you sow—our focus on the lifecyle lead us to a bountiful harvest. Dr. Dieter is back online to walk us through the harvesting process at Rancho la Paz, our Biodynamic Farm, and then talk about how our products are made... hint: it's all by hand.

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