Values -
  • We believe that humanity's health depends on the health of the land and that the land’s resilience depends on humanity's consciousness and state of health.
  • We are convinced that natural laws, when manipulated, inevitably have pathological consequences.
  • We respect all forms of life. We consider biodiversity to be fundamental for the well-being of all plant and animal life.
  • We value organic foods made with processes that are respectful of the environment and we promote the use of medicinal plants that can improve the well-being of all living organisms.

  • Only if the environment is harmonious — and healthy — can it provide all living beings the backdrop that they need to manifest their true potential.
  • We believe in an integrative medicine, based on healthy habits, biologically cultivated foods, methods of healing that are respectful, and in responsible humans that actively participate — both mentally and emotionally — in improving their own health.
  • The future of public health depends greatly on the union of small economically-sustainable communities, founded with respectful agricultural principles. We actively support the concept of Economy for the Common Good, which emphasizes the values of human dignity, ecological balance, solidarity, and economic sustainability.