Since its creation in 1998, Sanandi's guiding purpose has been to work with others, to give back, and to collaborate in projects that benefit communities and the environment. In 2010 we formed Fundación Valle La Paz, A.C., a non-profit organization dedicated to promote a holistic approach initiative of sustainable development, rooted in our farm, Rancho La Paz.

The Valle La Paz Foundation Focuses on 3 Key Areas:

1—Working with school-age children in the surrounding impoverished communities. Our goal is to provide free, nutritious hot meals to the local children every day along with supporting their education by sponsoring music, art, and health integrative courses in schools.

2—Operating a rural health clinic. We strive to provide a holistic approach to wellbeing by bringing naturopaths, herbalists, and nutritionists to the rural clinic. We have helped to build a safe clinic in the community and have sponsored health-related workshops specifically tailored for teenagers and women.

3—Promoting bidynamic and organic agriculture with local farmers. We want to teach our neighbors to farm with safe and effective organic and biodynamic principles so that they can cultivate with respect for the land and the environment, receive a fair and dignified remuneration for their harvest, and stay away from the harmful pesticides that are pervasive in large farms.

Human Health Through Nature’s Wholeness

At Valle La Paz Foundation, our philosophy is based on a single premise: that Nature is alive—a sentient organism with fertility at its core and the ultimate purpose at its helm: to nourish, sustain, and create balance in order to foster evolution.

We believe that our essence is truly embedded in the ecosystem and that only in our self-recognition through Nature may we find balance, identity, meaning and fulfillment.

Valle La Paz Foundation

The biodynamic agriculture we practice is based on cultivating a relationship of values and meaning with Nature. This type of cultivation requires creating a culture, an Agri-Culture, which for us, is the art that feeds the web of life, closes the cycle of production and consumption, and helps maintain ecological integrity.

“It’s not just about the degradation of nature, but also about the degradation of our conscience of nature. That nature needs to heal is a fact that is directly proportional to the way in which our conscience of nature is itself ill.” —Goethe.

We are on a journey to spread the philosophy, and the Valle La Paz Foundation is our Vehicle.

Valle La Paz Foundation -

Our Purpose

At Valle La Paz we promote a salutogenic culture of holistic health—based on the integration of agriculture, education and medicine, with the goal of contributing to the improvement of the health of the land, animals and people. We closely link these three pillars in order to promote the holistic development of the surrounding communities.

Our Vision

We are an ally with Nature and we promote the knowledge derived from a responsible relationship between mankind and its natural environment.

Our Mission

To contribute to a favorable consciousness in society’s development based on an integrating knowledge of the fertility of the earth, education and human health. We want to assume locally the global challenge of improving the health of the land and of the people, with a special focus on helping the rural and impoverished areas of the world,  through the development of three key areas:

  • Agri-Culture
  • Education
  • Health

Valle La Paz Foundation 

Core Values

1—We respect all forms of life.

2—We consider biodiversity to be the fundamental force for the health of all living beings.

3—We value organic foods made with processes that are respectful of the environment.

4—We promote the use of medicinal plants that can improve the health of living organisms.

5—Only if the environment is healthy can it provide humanity the backdrop that it needs to manifest its true potential.

6—The future of public health depends greatly on the union of small economically-sustainable communities, founded with respectful agricultural principles.

7—We must educate humanity to generate an ever-increasing consciousness of the interrelationship that exists between all living beings.

8—It is important to recognize, preserve and promote the beauty of nature. Esthetics and ethics are two concepts that are intimately related through a common point: Art.