Rancho La Paz - view from aboveRancho La Paz - view from above

Sanandi's Rancho La Paz is rooted in a land that has been cultivated with care and dedication for more than sixteen years under the principles and tenets of the agro-ecology.
At its center lies caring for the fertility of the land and for the people that cultivate it.
All of our efforts are focused on maintaining a harmonious biological unit capable of nurturing the network of organisms that inhabit it; we are thus able to prepare and provide products with living qualities that promote good health. Herein lies our hope!
Preparing the soil at Rancho La Paz  Closeup of a plant at Rancho La Paz
Soil preparation and closeup of a cactus flower at Rancho La Paz

With the principles based in biodynamic farming we strive to further enhance the quality of our plants and of the organisms that symbiotically coexist in our land. All of the biodynamic preparations are cultivated in our farm and strewn in our fields on a regular basis in order to maintain a healthy, living, and biodiverse soil.

Nature’s forces from a fertile land

We cultivate, cooperate and transform natural and organic ingredients (medicinal plants and substances) to encourage a healthy relationship with our vital body, mind, spirit and the entire ecosystem. We trust Nature’s beauty, purity, potency and integrity and its ability to repair, restore and to heal.

Flowers growing in the fields at Rancho La Paz
Flowers growing in the fields at Rancho La Paz

It is our belief that cultivating is the art of favoring, procreating and promoting the fertility of the earth. A fertile land is a land that is fruitful: the origin of the entire ecosystem’s health. To sow and to harvest is to respect, cooperate, and collaborate, never exploit, sack or manipulate!

In our fields, we make use of biodynamic agriculture, a technique that seeks to heal the soil and that considers the land to be a living organism made up of multiple systems and organs. Through natural methods, we enrich the foundation of the agricultural soil — called humus — with natural and homeopathic substances that allow the plants to fully assimilate the elements: sun, water, minerals, and other compounds — during their development.

Biodynamic preparations for the soil at Rancho La Paz
Biodynamic preparations for the soil at Rancho La Paz

All processes are done by hand: from preparing the soil to planting the seeds, to the harvest and the processing of the extracts. Our artisans are truly a part of the Sanandi family and able to earn a good wage that sustains themselves and their families and lead a dignified life.

Artisanal cultivating at Rancho La Paz
Artisanal farming at Rancho La Paz