Our product quality results from the care, attention, and dedication that we passionately bring to all aspects of our work. From the way we care for our land and our farm and all the living organisms that form part of the biodiverse ecosystem, to the way that we cultivate and process all our plants and flowers, we always create with a conscience, adhering to the strictest of standards that we set for ourselves.

The potency of our products is guaranteed by the care and methods with which we farm our plants and flowers. By helping the soil reach optimum levels of fertility, by nurturing a biodiverse ecosystem, and by lending a helping hand to the entire process through symbiotic principles, we ensure that the richness of the living farm translates into ideal conditions of growth for all the living organisms that are a part of it. And this, together with the methods used to extract the active medicinal components — using always organic and pure substances, and methods that are natural and free of chemicals — guarantees that our finished products will contain high potency, active ingredients.

At Sanandi, our farming and manufacturing philosophy allows us to offer products made with extracts that meet or in many cases exceed the standards set by USP and other international pharmacopeia certification agencies for potency of active ingredients.