Herbal Extracts

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Sanandi’s herbal extracts are all handcrafted at our Organic and Biodynamic certified farm, Rancho La Paz, and made with medicinal plants that meet or exceed USP and German pharmacopoeia standards, respectfully grown in biodiverse, chemical and pesticide-free environments...



Functional Honeys

Functional Honeys - Sanandi.com

Strengthen and relieve key body systems to achieve and maintain your wellbeing. Boost your immune system, reduce stress, anxiety, fortify your digestive system and attain balance...


Functional Balms

Functional Balms - Sanandi.com

Handcrafted for your well-being at our Organic and Biodynamic certified farm, Rancho La Paz, Sanandi’s balms are made with all-natural ingredients and contain extracts and essential oils from numerous medicinal herbs...

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Functional Teas

Functional Teas - Sanandi.com

Sanandi's loose leaf teas help you relax and will boost, tone and detoxify your digestive system, providing relief from stomach pain, nausea, inflammation and bad breath...

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Facial Care

Sanandi's Facial Care products are lovingly handcrafted using the purest natural ingredients, and contain herbal extracts sourced from our Certified Biodynamic Farm...

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