Dieter le Noir

Dieter Le NoirAfter several years of intense labor at his farm, Rancho La Paz, he has been able to create several lines of herbal products, always making use of the best handcrafted artisanal processes for their manufacture.Dieter Le NoirAfter graduating from Medical School, Dieter performed his social service work at a Mixe community. He became aware of the limitations of allopathy medicine during this time, motivating him to study Integrative Medicine in the United States, India, and Germany. In 1998, after studying Anthroposophic Medicine and Biodynamic Agriculture in Switzerland, his interest in cultivating medicinal plants was born.

Dieter is a medical doctor and an agriculturalist that deeply cares about every step of the product creation process: from selecting the seeds that he cultivates to how the final product is formulated.This is how Sanandi’s products were born: out of Dieter’s dedication to link the wellbeing of the people with the wellbeing of the land.

Andreas le Noir

Andreas Le Noir

Along with his brother Dieter, he is Sanandi’s founding partner. Besides his great talent as an engineer, he has established - without a doubt - the ideal platform from which Sanandi has been able to grow.

Bernardino Sánchez


Born and raised at the heart of a fully Mazahua rural farming community, his mother taught him everything she knew about medicinal plants, knowledge that she in turn received from her ancestors.

In 2007, Bernardino began working at Rancho La Paz with Dieter. Since then, he has been immersed in the world of organic and biodynamic agriculture, collaborating in all aspects of herbal plant cultivation and the production of Sanandi’s products.

Yolanda Suarez del Real

Yolanda Suarez del Real

During her work as a Palliative Care team’s psychologist, she witnessed firsthand how agrochemicals and pesticides cause chronic and degenerative diseases. This sparked her interest in Sanandi’s foundation, Valle La Paz, and its three-part work of promoting wellbeing and preventing disease.

She now devotes her time to promoting Sanandi’s productive project, with the goal of maintaining the social work that is carried out through Valle La Paz Foundation.

Olivia Chávez

Olivia Chavez

An actuary by profession, she is in charge of managing Sanandi and handling its finances.

Olivia takes great care to apply Christian Felber’s economic model “Economy for the Common Good” by promoting its principles and human values with vendors and project collaborators alike.

Jaika Brachmann


Born in Dresden, Germany, Jaika is a Homeopathic medical doctor. She started the rural clinic project in 2011, and together with Dieter, worked in formulating some of Sanandi's herbal products.

Aubrey Wallace

At the very center of her core, Aubrey is a pupil of the Earth. Her passion for learning drives an unstoppable internal inertia to delve into data, find the qualitative result, and bring like-minded people together (both digitally and tangibly). Aubrey is a certified clinical herbalist that flows with passion of our planet.

In 2017, she showed up on the Sanandi farm, enchanted by its beauty and intrigued by her desire to experience Rancho la Paz first-hand, and fell head over heels for the project. Aubrey now oversees all Sanandi US marketing.

Kevin Terrero

Kevin Terrero

With a background in Finance and Business Development, Kevin has always been passionate about socially responsible entrepreneurship. He holds a Master's degree in Finance from Florida International University and has worked much of his career with global financial institutions. In 2012, Kevin left his financial career and embarked on a new journey, co-founding ThePureWay Nutrition and Dietetics.

Kevin is a purist at heart and brings his deep connection to the earth and passion for sustainable business to Sanandi USA. He is responsible for overseeing Sanandi's US operations.