Getting ready to harvest plants at Rancho La Paz
Getting ready to harvest plants at Rancho La Paz

Kindness and Gentleness

Twenty-eight people from four small surrounding and very poor communities come every day to collaborate at Rancho la Paz. For sixteen years, these men and women have labored this land with a lot of respect and kindness and have demonstrated without a doubt that the Law of Return is the only language that Nature understands and responds to. The Valley is once more full of life again; today, the farm contains a  black, rich, humus-filled soil, having previously been almost completely destroyed by the violence of the “modern” potato monoculture system.

Every insect, frog, bird and all other animal that finds refuge in our land keeps us moving to nourish this Earth even more. Beauty is the harmony that attracts life.

We are deeply grateful to the devoted people who have worked so intensively with their hands and hearts to reestablish balance and fecundity in this small valley of La Paz!

Harvesting chamomile at Rancho La PazHarvesting chamomile at Rancho La Paz