All life in our farm enjoys a biodiverse, symbiotic and harmonious environment and all of our fields are certified Organic and Biodynamic. From the careful selection of the organic seeds, the preparation of the soil rich in compost and minerals, the care with which we promote plant maturation, to its timely harvest, all is meticulously supervised.


Sanandi's Rancho la Paz farmland

Nature’s forces from a fertile land

Sanandi is rooted in a land which has been cultivated with care and dedication for more than sixteen years under the principles of Agro-ecology and Biodynamic agriculture. At its center lies the land's Fertility and the people that cultivate her.

Our main focus is to maintain a harmonic biological unity that is able to nourish the web of organisms that forms it and to bring these living qualities into our products.

Relying on Biodynamic principles we strive to further enhance the quality of our medicinal plants. All of the Biodynamic preparations are made in our farm and strewn in our fields on a regular basis.

All processes are done by hand: from preparing the soil to planting the seeds, to the harvesting and the processing of the extracts. Our artisans work with passion to creat products for your wellbeing, and are truly a part of the Sanandi family, able to earn a dignified wage.