Natural Spring Water Feeds Our Farm

Our water begins its journey in a harsh blizzard wind on the peaks of the inactive volcano, Nevado de Toluca.

In total darkness, she travels, maturing slowly, filtering out the contaminated parts of her that no longer suit. Throughout her voyage, water discovers how to be soft, how to maintain purity, and how to hold the essence of life.

She finds her way to the light, emerging over two thousand meters from her first home to create a deep spring well that sustains life in a beautiful valley—Valle La Paz.

It is from this natural spring well that our products are sown, cultivated, and created. Every drop of our products holds the essence of the journey of water, from the plant infusions to the water-based extracts.

This is so much more than a drop of purified water, this is perfectly balanced (tested at 6.5pH), pure spring water that offers nourishment and the dichotomic energies of softness and strength—and it courses through every inch of the Sanandi Farm.