How We Cultivate Our IngredientsAt Sanandi, we first help the living land maintain its fertility; we believe this to be a crucial and necessary first step, and that the quality of a product ultimately depends entirely on it. Our soil is prepared using different techniques. On of them is the use of worms that are respectfully housed in specially-made tubs. We make us of symbiotic process by adding beneficial fungi, bacteria, and rock powder to maximizes the mineral and organic content of the soil (humus). Our process continues with the use of organic seeds certified as having been sourced from plants that for generations have been cultivated without the use of any agro-chemicals whatsoever. Furthermore, our farm has its own seed bank, all from plants that are fully organic and that have called Sanandi’s valley their home for many generations. We sprout the seeds in our greenhouse, and then carefully transplant them in our terraces during the early spring. All is done by hand and without the use of machines.

Our farm is inhabited by multiple pollinating organisms, many different species of bees, hummingbirds, and many other insects and animals that are endemic to the valley and to Rancho la Paz.

The bees live in especially designed apiaries and are never moved, and we purposefully grow native plants throughout our farm and in our terraces, plants that are rich in nectar in order to benefit the bees.
In our fields, we use biodynamic agriculture, a technique that seeks to heal the soil and that considers the land to be a living organism made up of multiple systems and organs. Through natural methods, we enrich the foundation of the soil (humus) with natural and homeopathic substances that allow the plants to fully assimilate the elements: sun, water, minerals, and other compounds — during their development. Our farm is fortunate to have its own Spring Well. Its water originates from the snowfall of the 15,300 foot high volcano called Nevado de Toluca; it is from its peak that the filtration process begins: a journey of hundreds of miles in total darkness, maturing slowly and gradually until it emerges two thousand meters below as a Spring that sustains life in our Valley. Water analysis demonstrates that it is soft in nature and with a perfect PH balance of 6.5.  All our medicinal plants and remedies are touched with this cold, pure, and crystal-clear water. All of our farming processes are done by hand: from preparing the soil to planting the seeds, to the harvest and the processing of the extracts. Our artisans are truly a part of the Sanandi family, cared for and respected, able to earn a good wage that sustains themselves and their families and lead a dignified life.