Want to know the secret behind creating the perfect herbal product?


Every plant, just like every human friend, is different and needs to be approached carefully, treated gently, and listened to at every turn.

Our philosophy is based on a single premise: that Nature is alive. It is a sentient organism and therefore it feels. Our species evolved in and as a part of nature, this means that we grow and heal in the same way.

In the Sanandi lab we concentrate the healing properties of nature and the plants she offers into extracts, fermentations, functional honeys, oils and remedies based on anthroposophic standards.

We grow our plant allies biodynamically, with a symbiosis that allows generations of sustainable growth and healthy, chemical free and organic products.

The plants are pollinated by our great friends, the bees.

When it's the optimal time for each plant, we harvest them by hand to optimize the plant's extraction potential—not with a machine that bruises the essence of our product.

Each plant is treated to her ideal type alchemy—sometimes that's a warm infusion into a honey, or a month of snuggling deep in our handcrafted mezcal. Sometimes she's processed wet (like for an essential oil) and other times she's dried in one of our stone drying cellars (like for the perfect tea).

Every one of these bottles is filled with the more than just plant matter. The essence of our products radiate through the room and fill you with the hope of sustainability and symbiosis with our planet.