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30% off Sale PLUS a free Respiratory Balm with EVERY ORDER OVER $50

Through Friday, December 14th at midnight with code:


Until Friday, December 14th, you will receive a free Respiratory Balm (that's a $29.99 value) with every order over $50.
You won't see it in your cart when you make your purchase, but you'll receive the free gift right along with all of your other products.


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Having a hard time choosing the right products?

We'll Make the Choice Easy For You

With the Holiday Readiness Kit you'll be one step ahead of the Holly-Jolly-Holiday scramble for last minute gifts—or you'll be relaxed enough to work through your list with ease.
Wake up with a twist on your typical skincare routine. After you cleanse with your organic facial wash, put a pea-sized amount of the Deep Nourishing Cream in the palm of your hands, rub your hands together, and pat gently into your face. Take one last look at yourself in mirror, blow a kiss, and step into your day with a holiday glow—now you look the part too.
With the next holiday feast on the horizon, you want to prepare—easy. Two or three days before and after the big event (or maybe throughout the season if you feeling into your holiday socialite), start working with the Bitter Elixir Detox. Just a teaspoon thirty minutes before your largest meal of the day and you'll be ready to make merry with a drink in one hand and fork in the other—and when you take the elixir over time you'll be pleasantly surprised at the lack-of-bloat.
End your days with a cup of warm, Soothing Sleep Tea. Whether you're excited for the festivities or you're nervous about dinner with your in-laws, take a sweet recourse from your busy day and fall asleep peacefully—plus wake up feeling refreshed and ready to sieze the holi-day.


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What your Holiday Ready Bundle Includes:

Through Dec 14

Soothing Sleep Tea

Bitter Elixir Detox

Deep Nourishing Cream



Get The Holiday Readiness Bundle For Less

The Holiday Readiness Kit makes the holiday scramble disappear.

before (and after) the ugly sweater party
the holiday glow
Relax easily throughout the festivities

When you buy the holiday products as a bundle, you save 10%—plus the extra 30% off with coupon code: WellinTime

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