“We as parents, educators and doctors only conform the backdrop for the children that self-educate. We should provide them with the most favorable environment so that by our side, a child may self-educate in the most precise manner that the child requires, guided by his or her internal plans.” — R. Steiner

At Valle La Paz we provide support to four communities preschools, primary and middle/high schools in order to reach the goal of achieving an integral education for students, with particular emphasis on nutrition and health, environment /ecology and Art.

We believe that education should be fully focused on awakening in children not only the capacity of being amazed by nature, but also of respecting it so that from an early age they may learn to value their environment and thus to value themselves. Therefore, for more than ten years we have collaborated with the local rural school El Manzano, strengthening the official education program with complementary pedagogical methods that include art, reading, story-telling, games, working with school orchards, and sponsoring school choruses. With the aim of continuing to build on the good results that have been achieved in this field, in 2012 we began to collaborate with three other communities, developing and implementing a series of actions meant to:

• Improve the infrastructure and the educational resources available

• Support the development of reading, writing, and math

• Provide academic support to students that are at risk of being held back

• Hold workshops for teenagers and parents

• Implement summer courses and sport, artistic and academic activities

• Organize choruses with the support of the National Institute of the Beautiful Arts (INBA) and the National Counsel for the Arts and Culture (CONACULTA).