Sanandi’s mindset is based in part on the principles and tenets of The Economy for the Common Good, a model developed by Christian Felber. Its main goal is to replace competitiveness and a profit-driven mentality with collaboration and the continuous contribution to the common good. From this paradigm-shifting perspective, instead of a typical balance sheet, a “common good balance sheet” is used allowing us to measure the extent to which we abide by key core values: human dignity, social justice, ecological sustainability, solidarity, and economic sustainability. 

Our focus is to ensure that what we do has a positive impact on our planet and on our communities, every step of the way.  

Common Good -

Sanandi believes in fairness, in respecting nature and all living organisms, in helping those around us and those that we come into contact with, and in working as part of the community we are all a part of and of which we all depend. We are all interconnected and interrelated.