The Earth is a self-sustaining being. Through cycles of the seasons, of life and death, of planetary revolution and the essences of sun and moon she creates an organism that sustains us all. She holds us in beauty and tragedy, creates turbulent storms and peaceful breezes alike. She grows wild and unrelentlessly bears her fruit against all odds in a universe made of chaos and compounds.

We are one of those fruits. Our health is intimately tied to the health of our planet. As a species, we have stepped away from this fact, dangerously so.

We find ourselves asking, how do we walk in harmony with our blue mother again? How do we harness the life-sustaining potential without destroying it in our wake?

Since its conception, the Sanandi Farm, Rancho la Paz, sustainability has been its main focal point.

We knew we needed to go beyond organic farming and find a way to create an environment that works with the cycles of the Earth—no, the universe. To be sustainable for every foreseeable future. That holds the health of all living beings equally important.

The answer? Biodynamic.

We pull from the teachings of Bill Mollison, Hans Peter Rusch, John Muir, and Rudolf Steiner (to name only a few) to create the perfect, most fertile, healthiest and most sustainable farming environment possible.

Biodynamic farming is about more than farming to create products, it is a holistic, ecological, and ethical farming structure that is both scalable and sustainable. It is based on principles of biodiversity, fertility, awareness, seed integrity, the rhythm of the Earth and the planets, respect for all living things, social health, and the future. (If you’re interested, you can read more about the principles of farming on our blog.)

Our promise to you is this life-cycle sustainability.

• It is that all of our products are made with the intention and the integrity of our teachers, and the perfection of the planet and the universe we live in.
• It is that you can feel the essence in the strength of each drop.
• It is that everywhere we go, we will spread the knowledge of biodynamics, of health, and of sustainability throughout the planet.

Join our movement.