The Bees

For the bee, the essence of a flower is fountain of life, and, for the flower, the bee is a fountain of love.

There is not an insect we are more grateful for than our flying pollinator friends. With more than ⅓ of our food depending on it, no other creature has so much influence on the health of our planet than the bee.

They bring diversity to our environment and spread beauty throughout the planet.

ApiaryIn 2001 we built the first apiary for our bees Apis melifica and began our rescue efforts of the native bee Melipona fasciata and Nannotrigona perilampoides, both of which are at risk of extinction.

Today we house four types of native bees in Valle La Paz: Scaptotrigona mexicana, Melipona fasciata, Nannotrigona perilampoides, Partamona bilineata and Apis mellifera.

Apart from the flowering medicinal plants that our bees pollinate, the soil around the farm is cultivated with a varied flowering vegetation that emerges spontaneously around farm land. This way, a great variety of sunflowers nurture the hives with an exquisite nectar that is transformed into one of the richest honeys in the world: Mexican honey.

bees-flowerThis is the source for the raw, natural honey and the propolis you will find in our products.

Our main focus,however, is not the collection of the products, it is the health of the bees. They keep most of the honey that we make and the collection method we use is the least disturbing of the hive.

The Cycle

The health of our plant depends on synergistic cycles like this one.

Throughout the Spring and Summer, the healthy bees collect nectar from plants on our organic and biodynamic farm—pollinating them along the way.

Without pesticidal interference, their hive is healthy and thriving, they create honey and propolis and wax to seal off the hive and safely overwinter.

The pollinated flowers offer seeds to a healthy soil that protects them throughout the cold season

In the spring, the bees reemerge to find the first healthy, organic flowers and their sweet reviving nectar.

Hives can live for years this way, and a healthy hive can pollinate millions of flowers every day. At Rancho la Paz, we cultivate the circle of life.

Honey is the epic of love,
the materialization of the infinite.
The soul and the blood of flowers
condensed through the spirit of others.
—Federico García Lorca.