“Nature cannot be cheated and does not forgive mistakes” — Goethe.

At Valle La Paz we work based on the guidelines of biological agriculture. All of our labor is focused on improving the fertility of the earth using local, renewable resources. The fundamental premise is that for any given ecosystem, the more biodiverse (variety inherited from all forms of life) and the more resilient (wholeness) it is, the healthier it will be, including the people that it supports.

We firmly believe that the fertility of the soil is fundamental for the harmonious development of all living beings. The function of conscious agriculture is to promote biodiversity which sustains the health of all living beings; and it is precisely here where a renewed relationship between humanity and nature is born: a meeting point for ethics, ecology and health.

At Valle La Paz we wish to help break the vicious cycle of poverty that begins with the destruction of the soil and ends with the illness of men. We seek to offer farmers the tools and the alternative agricultural methods that would allow them to recover the fertility of their land, to consume a diverse and a healthy diet, and to earn a decent and a dignified living wage.

Our key objective is to promote the transformation of the region’s agricultural activity stemming form a vision and a methodology of work that leads to the restoration of the fertility of the soil, the recovery of the local ecology and to foster values that favor a harmonious relationship with Nature.

Our actions are focused on helping local farmers specifically with:

- Growing medicinal plants

- Cultivating fruit orchards

- Implementing backyard orchards

- Becoming productive bee keepers