An Update on Our Foundation (Plus How You Can Help)

An Update on Our Foundation (Plus How You Can Help)

One of the driving forces behind the Sanandi wheel is the question, “how can we do good in the world?”

It turns out that with a do-good team like ours, there are a lot of answers to that question, and we know first hand that it’s easy to get lost in the altruistic shuffle… or stuck in overwhelm of good ideas.

That’s why we sat down and really talked it through. And when we did it, we split it up into three categories: what can we do right now, what is our goal for growth over the next year, and what is our audacious goal for the future.

What we centered on is this: the primary function of Sanandi is to offer a platform for us to educate about natural health and share the incredible products created on the Farm located in Valle La Paz and our non-profit is where we get to focus our do-gooding.

Valle La Paz Foundation

You can read all about the foundation here (and you should if you haven’t already), but in case you’re totally new to Sanandi (welcome!) here’s a quick overview for you:

The Valle La Paz Foundation was started in 2010. Our goal is to bring biodynamic and Nature-centric education and healthcare to four communities that surround the valley.

Our key areas of focus are working with school aged children, operating a health clinic, and promoting biodynamic and organic agriculture.

Keeping those focus areas in mind and pinpointing our major present and future goals, we’re ready to get our hands dirty and dive deep into the operations we have in front of us.

About the Communities We Serve

The communities we work with are categorized by Mexico’s National Population Council as highly marginalized. They are settled across the mountains surrounding the Valle de Bravo water basin in the State of Mexico.

All four communities have no healthcare services, precarious housing conditions, no drinking water despite their proximity to a hydrological basin, a very poor diet lacking in the essential nutrients for proper physical development and health, and a deficient educational infrastructure, with children dropping out of school at a very young age. The woodlands that they call home are increasingly threatened by uncontrolled logging in the area.

FoundationWhat We Do Now

Right now, we’re very small, and we’ve recently had to scale back a bit on our efforts to refocus on what we truly want to accomplish, but here’s what we’re doing:

The Choir

Two days a week a choir teach comes from the city into the rural communities to teach the local kids music. They sing and dance to guitar, learning songs in English and in Spanish. The purpose of this project is to reestablish the traditional social fabric through music.

This brings smiles and hours of purpose-driven education to the kids, giving them a place to focus their time and energy—the recitals they have in the fall and winter bring the communities together in traditional celebrations and happiness.

The Clinic

One day per week, a local clinician comes to the communities to see the people. The rural clinic we helped to build offers our products and other medicines for the clinician (who is a naturopath) to offer services to community members.

Our 4 Main 2018-2019 Goals

We’re nothing if not incredibly optimistic, but we’re setting these goals high because we know we can achieve them.

1—Breakfast Program

There are over 350 kids in the four communities we serve. They don’t have access to organic fruits and vegetables, but we know they can! For less than a dollar per kid, per day, we can provide hot, healthy breakfast to the communities’ children.

2—Expanding the Choir

Did you notice that our choir is only in two of the communities that we serve? We have seen such a radical impact on the lives of these kids, that we want to expand that program out to all four of our communities.

3—Expanding the Clinic

We want to offer a lot more than just one day a week with a clinician to the communities that we serve. We know we can start small with adding one extra day, but our true hope is to have 4 days a week with open clinic hours. We would like to offer classes on nutrition and exercise at the clinic and within the communities as well.

4—Adding Transportation!

Much of what we would like to accomplish requires transportation—from delivering and distributing food to transporting the music teacher and the clinician to the communities so they can focus on their work. We would love to add a van to the foundation.

Our Audacious Goals for the Foundation’s Future

We have two main goals—and they’re along the same lines of everything else you’ll read here and on our website. These are our biggest achievable goals for now, and we’re slowly working on bringing the structure together so we can allocate time and attention to them.

Biodynamic Education Program

This is where our hope, pride, and joy lives because we truly believe that nature heals and our bodies are part of nature. We want to create a program within each of the local rural communities that helps to educate people about growing organically to help provide them with the food they need to sustain their communities along with a fair remuneration for their harvest.

This program will be all encompassing with workshops on everything from health and nutrition to the land and the environment, to biodynamic principles and deep respect for our planet.

Dr. Dieter Teaches
Clinic for Wellbeing

This looks like a 7 day/week clinician with a focus on natural and anthroposophic medicine that is affordable and attainable to the community members. We will offer workshops on health cultivation, free services, and herbal remedies and medications to the community members where we can.

Because we know health is about more than the absence of illness, we will bring in multi-dimensional health mentors and offer classes and services to the communities.

How We’ll do it and How You can Help

So now we’ve outlined our big goals—it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.

As with any service-based non-profit, we’re working to raise money. Part of that obviously comes from profit through Sanandi, we also work with donors, and our sister foundation (Flor de La Paz), but we are in the beginning stages of growth in our community and our company, so we could use your help!

2 Things You Can Do Right Now to Help

1—you can buy yourself a gift. Seriously. Not only are Sanandi Products awesome because they help support the Valle La Paz Foundation, they’re incredible all by themselves. Maybe try out our Clean Start Kit. Start your morning with a bit of Honey for Digestion on your toast, take a few drops of the Extract to help boost your Metabolism throughout the day, and finish your evening with Restful Tea to help you drift peacefully off to sleep. You won’t be disappointed.

2—you can share Sanandi with your friends. Like us on Facebook and tag your friends in our posts or Sign up for our mailing list and forward our emails to the people in your family (chosen and born with). This is your community too.

What do you think about the Foundation and our goals? Let us know in the comments!


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