Travel | 2 Ways to Boost Your Immune System On Your Next Adventure

Travel | 2 Ways to Boost Your Immune System On Your Next Adventure

As with many of you Wellness Seekers out there, one of our favorite hobbies here at Sanandi USA is traveling (…the world). If you’ve kept up with the Wellness Seekers blog as of late, you may have noticed that the last few articles have been written from abroad… Spain, France, Netherlands, and now directly from Rancho La Paz (in Mexico). Exciting to say the least!

Travel is movement—a natural element of humanity. Some of us travel for business, some travel for pleasure. Some travel for new experiences and some to escape past experiences.

Want to be physically healthy? Get up and move… Want to be mentally healthy? Get out and travel.

The Ultimate Health Tonic

Travel experiences are like a book of stories with different chapters and unknown endings that unfold in real time. These adventures live-on through tails that outlast the physical presence of the traveler themselves.

So Kevin, you ask, how do travel and health go together? Easily.

Travel expands the mind and consciousness while helping to form an understanding of the world we live in. Travel provides time for reflection and the opportunity to gain insight into your innate being.  The prospect of exposing yourself to different situations that take you out of a comfort zone can be scary but travel is meant to help you learn and challenge yourself to grow in ways you didn’t know were possible.

Personal Growth and Mental Health

A great benefit of traveling is the opportunity to uncover abilities you didn’t know you had and passions you haven’t explored yet—allowing for a sense of self-satisfaction and self-gratification, both highly important for overall happiness.

The topic of mental health greatly affects the world today, including being prevalent within the borders of the United States. The negative impact that chronic stress has on physical and mental health has been well documented. Recent research by Pervanidou P et al noted that, “stress during vulnerable periods of development has substantial and permanent effects on brain structure and function and physical health in adulthood.”

The stress of increasing workloads and social demands put a significant amount of pressure on the people of this generation.

In the United States, it was reported that approximately 1-in-5 adults experiences mental illness in a given year. With that said, one must wonder if there are any correlations with the fact that Americans have the highest GDP in the world but were reported to be least among internationally travelled as reported by

Mental health issues are serious and we don’t want to undermine the work of psychologists around the world or coin “traveling” as a cure. We don’t suggest missing appointments with therapists or removing prescribed medications—but we do think it’s important that we realize we’re all emotional beings (some more than others), and when we suffer from symptoms of chronic stress, it’s important we address them with activities that help make us all more mentally resilient.  

Travel provides a great outlet for disruption to mounting stress and a break from your normal daily regimen. Go ahead, book a trip—whether it’s to another country for a month, a hostel the next town over, or even just camping in your own backyard (no cell phones, no internet, don’t go in the house, you’re camping!)—note how taking time for you makes you feel.

2 Immune Support Products You Can Travel With

So you’ve booked your trip and you’re ready to travel the world (or your backyard). Here’s what we suggest to bring along to boost your immune system and stay healthy:

1—Herbal Extract Throat Plus (30ml) Throat Spray– For the weary traveler… This extract is unique because it is made for your mouth and throat. When you step off the plane, or even while you’re on it, give yourself a spray or two to cut off a head cold, nip bad breath in the bud, or cleanse a canker sore.

2—Herbal Extract Defense (50 ml)– Boost your ability to resist pathogens while traveling in the most remote locations. Our Herbal Extract Defense helps support immune function immediately and over time. Start with a couple of drops with your morning water two to three days before your next trip (and continue throughout) to fend off any of those opportunistic travel bugs.

Your Next Step

The only person that can make traveling possible is you, so put down everything and book that next trip right now! Remember knowledge is power, experience is wisdom, and sharing your stories gives hope to future generations.

Do you have travel plans coming up? Tell us where you're headed in the comments below!



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