We’re Looking for a Social Media Intern!

We’re Looking for a Social Media Intern!

We’re looking for a social media intern that is ready to learn in a fast-paced startup environment.

If you’re thinking about a career in the marketing field, want to try your hand at creating compelling content, and you’re passionate about biodynamic farming, herbal medicine, and healing our planet, we’d love to chat with you.

You have the opportunity right out of the gate to command our social media presence and voice. This is a position with a lot of potential growth within our small company. You’ll have consistent support, clear guidelines, and constructive feedback so that you can grow and learn in the social media marketing field.

It is a remote, unpaid internship to start, with future potential for hire.

We also offer free products of your choosing (yay for healing honeys, teas, extracts galore)!

Job Responsibilities:

1—Facebook: 1-2 daily posts with relevant links and a short bit of compelling copy.

2—Instagram: 1 daily post with relevant hashtags, a small explanation (we have photos)

3—Research: on additional like-minded companies to partner with/content share with—also reach out to and connect with marketing director.

4—Calendar: work with marketing director on a calendar for your scheduled posts.

5—Market Research: read up on best policies/times for posting, thinking about ways to boost engagement and followers.

Addition Qualifications

1—Self starter: We’d love nothing more than to hire someone that shows up with gusto, ready to spearhead the social media project.

2—Interested in learning about herbal medicine and biodynamic farming

3—Bilingual is helpful but not necessary (Spanish)

4—Interest in content creation is a plus

5—Asks questions: We want to teach you.

A Little About Us:

Sanandi is a for profit startup in the US created to help support our nonprofit Foundation, Valle La Paz Foundation, in our future goals. Our biodynamic and organic farm is located in South Central Mexico and our products are grown from seed to alchemy with the most positive intention right there on the farm.

You’ll be working closely with our Director of Marketing, and you’ll also regularly communicate with our Director of Operations.

If you’re interested, please send an email to contribute@sanandi.com with the Subject line Sanandi Social Media Intern > [YOUR NAME] letting us know a little bit about yourself and what about Sanandi and Social Media piques your interest

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