The Sanandi Philosophy and the Four Pillars it Stands on

The Sanandi Philosophy and the Four Pillars it Stands on

At Sanandi, our philosophy is based on a single premise: Nature is alive.

She is sentient, she feels. Nature cares for the things that grow in her forests and fields, in her deserts and wetlands—every bird, every bee, tree, nut, and squirrel. Every plant has a place and every being is equal.

There are no accidents in the life and death, dark and light, hot and cold cycles of Nature’s presence. The heart of her purpose is fertility—to nourish, sustain, and create. Nature fosters evolution—that same slow moving wisdom of adaptation that gave gills to the fish and antlers to the dear gave thumbs to us.

We know we are part of Nature, and she is part of us. We know that we evolved with the plants that heal us and we know that it’s time that we start working to heal them in return.

For too long human thinking has focused on beating Nature at its own game—artificially extending the growing season, chemically appending the soil, creating seeds that yield plants unable to reproduce—the checklist of contamination feels endless, and Nature is feeling every single tick box.

That’s why the biological agriculture we practice is based on cultivating a relationship of values and meaning with Nature. For us, that means creating an Agri-Culture. A community that feeds the web of life, closes the cycle of production and consumption, and helps maintain and promote ecological integrity.

Every product that we create comes from a place of growth that aligns with Nature’s cycles of fertility. There are four principles we focus on with every product we create.

The Four Pillars of Sanandi

Our key objective is improving human health while respecting the health of the planet. Here are the pillars that hold us up.


It starts with seed selection for our plant allies and ends with the products you see, but anyone can tell you that there are an endless amount of steps in between—and we focus on the quality of every single one.

For the most part, we grow what we make. Everything from the Saint John’s Wort in our teas to the wormwood infused into the honeys we have in our shop (and the honey itself, though the bees are really to thank for that).

We maintain the highest quality standards in each and every one of our processes—from choosing the perfect seeds to plant, to helping those plants follow their natural cycles in the cleanest and most optimum environment for growth. We harvest our plants by hand to mitigate potential damage, let them air dry to the perfect preservation, make each product in small batches in our on site lab using a mixture of modern research, ancient alchemy, and planetary forces.

We take every possible step to ensure the quality of our products along with holding space for letting the quality of Nature’s creations show through.


This comes down to trusting Nature. We evolved with this planet, within the constructs that Nature created with us in mind, and we value what she has to offer. Nature can heal, we just have to be the shepherds that bring forth that healing.

Because we’re trusting ourselves to Nature’s ways, we understand and have focused our own creative process on traditional, millennia-old medicines. We follow the guiding principles of safe and effective harvesting, drying, alchemy and medicine making.

But we don’t stop there. Nature made humans thinkers, discoverers, researchers. Our medicine is supported by the advances and discoveries in science (ie. traditional medicine told us that mushrooms are good for our bodies, but science told us it’s because they are loaded with long-chain polysaccharides that engage and empower our immune systems) and the formulas we create are backed by years of research and clinical practice.


Although we make and sell products that can heal, we will be the first to tell you that medicine is not the sole agent of recovering one’s health.

It’s essential that we take accountability for our own healing processes and become actively involved in seeking wellness. Nutrition, lifestyle and attitude—among other factors—are crucial when it comes to getting well.

We have a mission to bring health and education to whatever slice of the world will have us, both on this online platform and tangibly with the Foundation. We work to create a harmony in the areas around the Sanandi farm by building schools and health care centers, and teaching sustainable agriculture to local farmers so they can provide better yields and give back.

We know that teaching this craft, along with teaching the importance of respecting Nature is a long process, but real growth takes time.

Fair Trade

In the nuttiest of shells, we support respectful, equitable business.

Sustainable development that favors progress in rural communities is the sole way to foster humankind’s holistic growth. We cannot sustain our species, or the health of our planet, the way that we are conventionally growing now.

We live in and work with the four rural communities surrounding the Valle La Paz daily to provide training for sustainable farming, career opportunities with positive and safe working conditions, and equality throughout our environment.

Tell us what you think of the Sanandi Philosophy in the comments below.

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