Rancho la Paz Then and Now—Take a Video Tour of Today's Farm

Rancho la Paz Then and Now—Take a Video Tour of Today's Farm

For years the Sanandi Family has worked to create a true sanctuary. A place where the Earth is whole, where her life-giving properties are profoundly respected, where we can walk in synergy with the alignment of our blue planet.

Though the journey is long, and the work is never done in Valle la Paz, the biodynamic farm is fully functional and perfectly (if not painstakingly) maintained.

We would love to invite you to visit Rancho La Paz, to see the ponds and taste the spring water, to walk amongst the flowers and sit in the pagodas.

Valle la Paz is located in the heart of Mexico—2.5 hours Southwest of Mexico city, outside of Valle de Bravo. It can be difficult to access and we because we are a working biodynamic farm, we aren’t open for drop in visitors. For now, take our aerial tour and sign up for our mailing list. You’ll be the first to know about our next seminar.

The Timeline

The farm is gorgeous slice of paradise now, but it has been a journey to reach this goal. We can never forget where we came from—Valle la Paz started as a neglected piece of Earth with compacted soil and no biodiversity.

It took more than ten years, along with passion, hard work, research, and imagination to make this sustainable dream, and even longer to formulate and perfect the Sanandi product line to help you take back control of your health.

Every bottle of product you open, every drop you consume, holds the essence of this timeline.

1998-1999—Valle la Paz was born—Start of Rancho la Pazheavy machinery was banned from the site and biological barriers were built to prevent erosion. A greenhouse for research on the plants that can grow in this environment.
2000—Started using biodynamic practices.
2001—Built the first apiary for the bees.
2002—Started to grow the medicinal plants to create our own biodynamic preparations, got our first cows,First Cows and started cultivating medicinal plants.
2004—Started the process to become USDA Certified Organic and Biodynamic, began work with IMOswiss AG, and Demeter. Built the proprietary stone and wood dehydrator for ideal drying conditions. Reached out to local schools.
2005—Built the on-site lab at the farm and a new stone house for the finished elixirs.
2006—Started exporting to Weleda GmbH for the first time!
2007―Started to focus on long-lasting fertility of the soil.wormery
2008-2009—built a wormery, started to focus on mycelial growth
2010-2015—Formed Valle la Paz Foundation and began to market teas and herbal remedies
2016—Sanandi USA was formed
2018—The Sanandi US Team of today came on board


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