What to Expect While You Detox (Plus Other Important Information)

What to Expect While You Detox (Plus Other Important Information)

In the pop culture world, “detox” is the new “black.”

People are jumping into 7-10-or even 30 day “detox” routines without the proper research into what is going on internally or what their bodies actually need—and there are companies thriving on selling the “newest detox.”

We never want to discourage anyone from focusing on their health, instead, we’re offering the information we so often see missing from a typical Detox program to help you choose the right detox for your health.

What is a Detox?

In the simplest terms, a detox is a way to cleanse your blood by supporting your natural detoxification organs.

The Difference between a Cleanse and a Detox

It’s important to remember that your body is always detoxing, you don’t need to create the processes for it, but sometimes it could use a boost.

How We Detox

This is one of the most miraculous things that we do, and yes, it’s quite complicated. Our main detox organs are our liver and kidneys—but we also use our lungs, our digestive system, and our skin to push toxicants out of our bodies.

Our Bodies Detox in Two Phases

Phase one is the activation of detoxification in the body. This happens in your liver, and differentiates between fat soluble and water soluble toxicants.

Fat soluble toxicants are identified by the liver and broken down by its enzymes. From here, they either exit the body through the digestive tract or they’re pushed into the bloodstream. The toxins found in the bloodstream undergo a complicated enzymatic process to become water soluble.

In this form, they can act as independent toxic agents and can cause internal damage. Good thing it only takes about five minutes for our kidneys to filter all of the blood in our bodies—that’s the main function of phase two detox.

Water soluble toxicants are removed from the bloodstream predominantly via the bladder, lungs, and digestive tract.

How to Know if You Need a Boost

Your body is working hard to keep your bloodstream free of toxic agents, but it’s a natural process, and you shouldn’t feel like you’re working too hard.

In our society, we are surrounded by toxicity—from the traffic we’re stuck in on the way to work to the petroleum base of chemical body products to the added preservatives in every packaged product out there—so it’s not a bad idea to do a little bit of detox boosting once or twice a year.

Everyone’s body is a little bit different when it’s not optimally functioning, so the symptoms that your detox organs could need support vary.

Most commonly noted is the feeling of being sluggish and heavy, especially after eating. Besides being an indication for overeating, it could be your body telling you that your liver needs some love.

Other common symptoms could include constipation, headaches, depression, and anxiety.

Choosing the Right Detox Support System

So now you’ve decided that think you’d like to try a detox. Whether this is your first time or you’re starting on your yearly boost, be sure to choose the right stimulating products.

Remember, a detox is an period where you’re supporting and boosting the naturally occuring systems in your body, if you’re using an over-the-counter product with chemically-made preservatives, you may not be helping your organs as much as possible.

We suggest sticking to organic and biodynamic preparations for support—so we made you a kit that we know will help support your detoxification

The Sanandi Detox doesn’t offer the horror stories you read about when you google it. It doesn’t leave you exhausted and lifeless, and it doesn’t require you to fast.

What to Expect While Your Detoxing

Like the symptoms of “needing” a detox, the experience of going through the Sanandi Detox is different for everyone.

Because we’re not working directly with you, it’s a bit difficult to pinpoint exactly what you’ll feel, but here are some of the common ones.

General Side-Effects of the Sanandi Detox

This detox is focused on helping your body find a balance it can grow healthily from. For most people, this detox doesn’t cause a major disruption in your life, but it does offer noticeable changes for your body’s ability to achieve optimal health.

That being said, the bigger the change you make, the more effects you’ll feel. For instance, if you eat a lot of processed foods and forgo an organic, plant-based diet, you might experience more discomfort this week than someone who makes their meals with whole foods already.

Many people experience an increase in bowel movements during a detox because you’re able to move toxins out of your bloodstream more effectively. Your body is searching for optimal balance here, and for most people you’ll find 2-4 times per day is more comfortable.

You could experience an increase in urination as well, depending on how much water you already consume during the day—we’re going to suggest at least a ½ gallon daily (it’s easier than you think) for this week.

Your energy levels might vary, depending on what you’re leaving behind this week. For most people, by the end of the week, your body feels stimulated and healthy, energy levels are up from where you started overall.

For Caffeine Addicts

We do suggest that you try to limit or stop caffeine intake for the week. This sometimes leads to headaches the first couple of days, but usually this doesn’t go on the whole week and many people find that after a few days they don’t need the caffeine to get going.

For Sugar Addicts

We’re going to suggest that you put down the refined sugars—no cookies, no cakes, and no sodas. Sugar is one of the most addictive substances out there (strange but true) so the first few days—and unfortunately for some it’s the whole week—this might be a major cause of symptoms you have. You could see changes in your mood and your energy levels, and you’ll likely to crave sugar. Don’t give in, grab a box of cherry tomatoes and mow down.

For Smokers

Ideally, if you’re a smoker you’ll cut back or quit smoking for this week as well. Like sugar, a change in the habit of smoking, especially cigarettes, can cause changes in your mood. If it’s at all possible for you, add the Respiratory Cleanse to this week as well (while you’re at it).

Still a little unsure? It’s not as scary as it sounds—and over time, habits and environmental stressors are having a much more serious impact on the way you feel. The only thing you can do is try.

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